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- Tooth-colored (Composite Resin) or Silver (Amalgam) are the choices.
- They both work, but one is prettier than the other one.
- Depending on your insurance plan, sometimes you may have to pay more for the white stuff - we'll check for you!


- Phophylaxis - This is a routine cleaning, usually for patients who have no signs of gum disease due to good overall oral hygiene practices at home. It is also the least costly, usually covered at 100% by most dental insurance plans. Yearly x-rays are taken and a periodic exam is performed by the dentist. Also usually covered at 100%.

- Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing ("Deep Cleaning") - This is reserved for patients who have been diagnosed as having gum disease. Usually partially covered by most dental insurance plans. Patients are numbed in half of the mouth prior to deep cleaning, and there is usually two appointments to complete the treatment.

Emergency Care

Toothaches, chipped teeth, broken crowns. We can take care of it. Emergency examination and x-rays are usually covered by most dental insurance plans between 80-100%. Once again, we'll check for you.

Oral Surgery

Dr. Gamboa can take out teeth if saving them is not an option. Most of the time dental insurance plans will cover oral surgery anywhere between 50-80%, leaving a very small out-of-pocket patient balance.

Children's Dental Care

Cleanings, fillings, extraction of infected teeth (gasp!), and monitoring growth/development patterns. Insurance coverage usually mirrors that for adults. Parents: Please DO NOT scare children prior to their dental visit with talk of "shots", "needles", "pain", etc. Dr. Gamboa will kick you in the shin for making his job difficult. Positive thoughts about the upcoming dental visit is what the doctor ordered. Got it? You have been warned!

Dental Implants

Dr. Gamboa places dental implants aided by 3-D X-rays. His philosophy is that replacing a missing tooth with and implant shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, and it should be in the ideal position for each individual case. By being able to place his own implants, Dr. Gamboa is able to lower the cost to the patients to approximately that of a bridge. Insurance coverage for this procedure varies, so we'll check for you as well.

Crowns and Bridges

These are alternatives to correct weak teeth or to replace missing teeth. Insurance coverage for these procedures varies, and most of the time, will consume a large portion of the yearly maximum benefit that insurance plans carry. But just because it may be costly, does not mean it is not worth it. With our investment in advanced technology you are now able to get your crowns and in some cases bridges in one visit.

Removable Prostheses

These are Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures. Sometimes they are the only tooth-replacement option patients have. This does not mean they can't be pretty, functional and strong - especially if they are attached to mini-implants. Typically there are three or four appointments involved and it takes about a month from start to finish. Dr. Gamboa can even help retain your dentures better with mini implants. Insurance coverage for these procedures is usually around 50% and, you guessed it, we will check for you.

Root Canals and Gum Surgery

Dr. Gamboa does not do these in his office. He entrusts his patients to specialists for these procedures, since they are the most technically-sensitive in dentistry. This is the one thing that you must get the best possible outcome. Nobody likes a tooth that still hurts after extensive work or gums that still bleed after being treated for gum disease. These doctors do our patients' root canals, Endo1, Endo2 , Endo3 and these doctors do our patients' gum surgeries. They are all fabulous and we are lucky to have them in the area.


Dr. Gamboa has always had a great working relationship Greenville's orthodontists: Dr. Dennis Ross, Dr. Bill Cox, and Dr. Gibson McCall. All of their offices offer complimentary evaluations for orthodontics. Check out their web pages and tell them you found them through our page!

A word about Dental Insurance . . .

It is good when you have it, bad when you don't. But make no mistake: Insurance is not there to help you. Insurance companies are there to be profitable for their shareholders, and they do so by trying to dictate the kind of treatment you select by virtue of your coverage, and sometimes by denying you coverage for certain procedures. Please remember that your employer purchased from the insurance company the plan you have - including it's limitations. Employers have benefits, like dental insurance, to attract good employees, but they do so mindful of their bottom line. So, even though we will check on your benefits to help you get the dentistry that you need, we can only provide you with an estimate. You are ultimately responsible for knowing your dental benefit plan and keeping up with your yearly limits. If your account has a balance because your insurance plan did not cover what was estimated, it is your responsibility to pay for it. We will help you get the most out of your dental benefits every time you come to our office. That's a promise!


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